tom e. king

This is my latest cd recording entitled 'ORBISON TRIBUTE'----------- ten tracks dedicated to the late great Roy Orbison.--------I have been a great admirer of roys ' for many many years and feel privilaged to have had the opportunity of recording just some of his songs  Many thanks to Andy Steele 'sound engineer' for all his help in the making of this album which I have dedicated to   ' STICK 'N' STEP'   a local charity run for children with cerebral  palsy

01 Track 1(1).mp3

02 Track 2(1).mp3

03 Track 3(1).mp3

04 Track 4(1).mp3

05 Track 5(1).mp3

06 Track 6(1).mp3

07 Track 7(1).mp3

08 Track 8(1).mp3

09 Track 9(1).mp3

10 Track 10(1).mp3

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